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Peak Technical Institute educates 1,590 students, contributes $1 million-plus to community since 2009

MARYVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Maryville, Tennessee-based Peak Technical Institute would like to congratulate its 1,590-plus graduates over its eight years of operation. We are proud to have helped propel these students into the careers of their dreams. As of January 2018, Peak is no longer enrolling new students.

Operating as a comprehensive state-of-the-art training institute since 2009, Peak provided an unparalleled commitment to its students, using a blend of classroom and hands-on training in a simulated or real-life environment and supplying the tools needed to make the most out of its students’ chosen career paths. Peak Technical Institute held certificate-granting programs in commercial driver training (Class A CDL), unexploded ordnance, professional household management, enlisted aide training and equine-assisted leadership training.

Commercial Driver Training (Class A CDL)
Peak’s CDL training quickly became the school’s flagship program, growing its student base seven-fold since the program’s inception. In addition to training new truck drivers, the CDL program worked in conjunction with sister company, Vanquish Logistics, to provide solid in-house CDL training for its over the road line haul asset-based transportation and logistics operation.

In recent years, the family of companies owned by Dr. Eric Barton has tailored its conglomerate business focus and sold several sister companies as growing, profitable entities, including several businesses in the transportation industry. These booming asset-based transportation providers support FedEx Ground as a subcontractor for pickup and delivery and over the road line haul services in both the Nashville and Knoxville markets. In addition, the entities held large contracts with Nissan, C.H. Robinson, Lamtech and other clients.

Professional Household Management Training
Throughout its years of educating the next generation, Peak has been fully committed to nurturing students’ education and future careers. Peak Technical Institute has awarded scholarships or forgiven student debt totaling $895,550.31, influencing not only the lives of the students, but also their families and their livelihoods. Peak is proud to announce that 85 percent of its graduates were placed in lifelong careers, many of whom earn $50,000 a year plus benefits in their new careers.

Peak also secured partnerships with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) and G.I. Bill® (Veterans Training) to secure education funding for students in need. Dozens of students attended Peak Technical Institute utilizing WIOA or Veterans Training funding benefits.

Unexploded Ordnance Training
Additionally, Peak donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to its beloved community, including monetary and labor donations to Blount County Habitat for Humanity, charity golf tournaments, United Way of Blount County and other local charitable organizations over the years. Peak was even a major sponsor of the Kentucky Derby in 2015.

Peak has now sold its educational training programs. Graduates of Peak Technical Institute are encouraged to reach out directly to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission should they need assistance in the future with their certificates earned at Peak. We wish all of our graduates the best of luck in all of their future endeavors.

Equine-assisted Leadership Training
Enlisted Aide Training

Peak Technical Institute to host East Tennessee Children’s Hospital benefit.

On Saturday, September 24th, from 10am until 2pm, the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital will hold a Truck Show & Beard Contest at Peak Technical Institute in Maryville, TN.

All proceeds from the event will benefit the Hospital. Registration is $20, and includes entry for the driver and up to 3 passengers. $10 entry fee per person at the gate, children under 10 are free.

Come out & help support the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

Peak Technical Institute

235 South Old Glory Road

Maryville, TN 37801

Announcing renovated Professional Household Management & hospitality and professional service programs and seminars.

Peak Technical Institute is pleased to introduce its newly renovated Professional Household Management and extensive hospitality and professional service programs and seminars.

Though Peak has maintained its flagship Professional Household Management program, which provides graduates with a solid education the necessary experience to provide world-class service and management in modern estate households, the institute now offers numerous concise training programs and seminars in housekeeping, food & beverage and a range of training seminars to help college students excel in the classroom and their careers.

Our flagship program, PTI’s Professional Household Management molds individuals with the necessary skills and training to land quality jobs within a variety of sectors, including luxury travel, high-end cuisine, five-star hotels and resorts and estate management. From developing leadership skills to table setting and mixology, our PHM program is comprehensive and effective. The course provides graduates with a solid education and the necessary experience to provide world-class service and management.

In addition to its flagship PHM program, Peak Technical Institute now offers numerous short programs and seminars in hospitality and professional training, including housekeeping, food & beverage, communication skills in the workplace, dining for business and leadership building workshops. Another seminar includes The Art of Silver Service, which covers topics such as: setting a formal dining room table, proper silverware uses, the art of napkin folding, the different styles of service, cleaning and storage of silverware and how to serve with grace and style.

While we offer specialized programs and seminars, Peak Technical Institute can custom create a training program that is tailored to the skill level and schedule of your staff. Training can be offered in a classroom setting or on your property utilizing your own dining room, silverware and china. This offers the best training environment since we will be using all current household items that will be used in service.

PTI’s Professional Household Management and hospitality and professional service programs and seminars are now being featured on, which has become the “go to” resource for job seekers to connect with private employers and domestic employment and training agencies.

Vanquish, BOBA & Peak Technical Institute – proud sponsors of the 2016 Smoky Mountain Airshow – on hand at lineup announcement

Pictured, from left to right: Eric Barton, CEO; Anna Love, CFO; Susan Lynch, Executive Assistant to the CEO.

Representatives from Vanquish Worldwide, Business Owners Benefits Association & Peak Technical Institute – all sponsors of the upcoming 2016 Smoky Mountain Airshow – were on hand yesterday as the remainder of acts joining the previously-announced Blue Angels were unveiled.

The full-line up of acts include:

• US Navy Blue Angels

• Greg Koontz

• Matt Younkin

• Jacquie Warda “Jacquie B” Airshows

• Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing “Warbirds”

• Aeroshell Aerobatic Team

The 2016 Smoky Mountain Airshow will be held April 16-17 at McGhee Tyson Airport here in Knoxville, TN.  Admission is free, and parking passes are currently on sale at

“Vanquish is thrilled to support such a long-awaited aviation event that is sure to positively impact our region. However, as a veteran, I believe this air show has an even greater importance as it allows us to increase awareness and funding for HonorAir Knoxville, which honors those who have given so much for this great nation”, said CEO Eric Barton, during the initial announcement back in December.

In conjunction with the air show sponsorship, Vanquish and its sister companies will partner with air show personnel for marketing efforts leading up to the two-day event. Sponsor company names and logos will be included in all media advertising and on air show’s website home page. Premier supporting sponsorship also includes VIP and general parking passes and exhibit canopies during the event. Vanquish, BOBA and Peak plan to invite colleagues, employees and dignitaries to join them for the event.

Peak Technical Institute Announces Legendary Football Coach Phillip Fulmer as a Consultant & Brand Ambassador

MARYVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Peak Technical Institute (PTI), providing industry-leading vocational courses and professional development programs, announces a new partnership and consulting agreement with legendary football coach Phillip Fulmer.

Fulmer will join the PTI team as a consultant on the unique leadership program, Leading By The Reins™, an all-inclusive three-day executive outdoor leadership retreat. Additionally, Coach Fulmer will serve as ambassador for the PTI brand, providing consultation to each PTI program.

fulmer“I am excited to work as a consultant and ambassador for Peak as they grow and build their brand and business. They are a very hard working and talented group of people with outstanding leadership,” said Fulmer.

By joining PTI’s Leading By The Reins roster, Fulmer will work alongside program director and lead instructor, Mike Branch, an internationally known horse trainer who has spent decades training wild mustangs and observing the social character of horses. Branch understands what qualities and character must reside within a human for a horse to willingly follow, and through his Leading By The Reins program, participants work on winning the trust and assurance of their designated horse whose nature is to be fearful. By applying the same principles and learnings in the workplace, course participants advance their leadership skills and Become Someone Worth Following™.

“We are proud to announce our partnership with Coach Fulmer,” said Mike Branch. “He is known as the man who led Tennessee football to the national championship, and he has remained a respected leader not only in East Tennessee but throughout the nation. I am thrilled that our Leading By The Reins program will be enhanced by such a renowned leader.”

Fulmer is a founding partner of BPV Capital Management and currently serves on their Business Development Team. Prior to joining BPV, he served as the Head Football Coach for the University of Tennessee. During his tenure, he coached and mentored countless All-Americans and NFL draft picks. A Southeastern Conference (SEC) champion player himself, Coach Fulmer’s football team was consistently top-notch, winning numerous SEC titles and the school’s first BCS national championship.

Fulmer’s ability to motivate his players and superior recruiting approach earned him unprecedented recognition from his peers with numerous awards, accolades and honors. Fulmer continues to be a sought after event speaker on topics of leadership styles, organizational skills and communication methods.

“We feel Coach Fulmer’s ongoing leadership in the community and skillset are a natural fit for our Leading By The Reins program and the entire institute,” said PTI President Eric W. Barton. “With Fulmer working alongside our expert instructors, we will build on our unrivaled training programs and further benefit our students.”

To find out more about Leading By The Reins, visit or call 865-238-4004. Follow Leading By The Reins on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Peak Technical Institute

Since 2009, PTI has been approved and regulated by the State of Colorado, Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Division as well as the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. PTI currently has four comprehensive Certificate granting programs, with plans to continue to grow and expand. PTI is headquartered just outside of Greater Knoxville, Tenn. Website:

Local Leadership Program, Leading By The Reins, Partners with Race Horse Leaders At Churchill Downs


pic2As dawn arrives on the first Saturday of May, and the misty daybreak gives way to its evanescent rise, twin spires begin to reveal a majestic aura. The flower gardens of the paddock reveal fresh spring scents, and you can hear the sounds of stately steeds exercising in the early morning coolness. The pounding of hooves against the dirt sends a thunderous wave and sound of strength through the well-muscled chests of magnificent beasts. This track, these “Downs,” the surface of which has felt the feet of champions for generations, will this day support the feet of those destined for exaltation.

As you behold the gardens, the track, the spires, you suddenly realize there is no place in all of sports that has held the feet of more leaders than that upon which your feet now stand. You are in awe; you feel inspired – inspired to “become someone worth following.” You know you are at Churchill Downs.

Churchill Downs opened in 1875 and began two of the most prestigious races in all of the racehorse industry, the “Kentucky Derby” and the “Kentucky Oaks.” These races are the oldest continuously contested sporting events in American history. That in itself qualifies Churchill Downs as the leader in the racehorse industry.

Year after year Churchill Downs has not only inspired champions but supported such heroes as “Sir Barton,” “Gallant Fox,” “War Admiral,” “Whirlaway,” “Citation,” “Secretariat,” “Seattle Slew,” and “Affirmed,” just to name a few. These noble steeds and numerous others have gone down in the annals of racing history as true leaders, leaders that have inspired hope and given birth to new vision.

Similarly, inspired by lessons on leadership taught to me from years of training horses, the “Leading by the Reins” program was born. This program, offered by Peak Technical Institute of Maryville, Tn., is a unique equine leadership program for corporate executives, coaches, pastors, police, and city officials – virtually any position you can imagine leadership is required.

pic3My years of training horses from wary wild Mustangs to magnificent Gypsy Vanners from LexLin Gypsy Ranch, have taught me the importance of not only knowing what leadership characteristics are, but also that unless the characteristics are a part of who I really am inside, I will never truly become a leader to the horses in my sanctuary. These characteristics include such attributes as: vision, value, courage, character, boldness, commitment, passion, drive, responsibility, attitude, honor, integrity, veracity, focus, confidence and awareness, to name a few.

Additionally, horses have taught me that character also requires skill, as it is skill that will enable me to cause the horse to realize my leadership role, supported by my character. The equine is dependent upon this in order to willingly surrender its trust, its respect, and its loyal cooperation.

pic4In our program “Leading by the Reins,” I begin each day with a lecture on these skills and characteristics, then each participant is assigned a horse for the three days of leadership training. The leadership training is very much a paradigm shift using the relationship with a horse as not only a visual but a real true living, breathing, and thinking individual that knows nothing but to tell the truth. Unlike a role-play situation that is usually done in many training seminars, the horse doesn’t get to read the script and play along for the sake of a certificate at the end of the training. No, this course is a real training seminar that will change your life because you will see the true effect of your leadership unfold before you.

The “Leading by the Reins” program is paramount in its class, just as Churchill Downs is the premier track in the race-horse industry. That is why we at “Leading by the Reins” have entered in partnership with Churchill Downs through the sponsorship of “Susan’s Girl.” This race is number three on “Kentucky Oaks” day, Friday May 1st, at Churchill Downs.

Churchill Downs will continue to be the place where leaders arise. “Leading by the Reins” will be the place where leaders are made.

To find out more about “Leading by the Reins” and how you can “become someone worth following,” visit our website at, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest, or call us today at (865) 238 4004.

No Such Thing As A Free Lunch… Or Free Commercial Driver Training

Beware of free Commercial Driver Training (CDL)! “Free” CDL training has “fine print”:

  • You may be locked into a 1-2 year commitment with one company to cover the training loan.
  • You may be required to pay your loan balance in full if you leave the company before your contract ends.

Statistics show that most new drivers switch employers 1-2 times in the first year before they find the best fit. Do your research and make your CDL Training choice carefully.

Instead of risking your finances and future with a company that isn’t a good fit, you could make a better choice! At Peak Technical Institute, you can start training with little or no money down and have 90 days before your first payment is due. Since most carriers provide tuition reimbursement, you can get the training you need and then choose the company that is the best for you and your family. Couple PTI’s in-house payment plan with tuition reimbursement programs from the carrier of your choice, and you could have virtually no out-of-pocket cost for your training. The difference is you get the choice of what company to work for, and you have over 40 trucking companies to choose from with Peak Technical Institute!

At Peak Technical Institute, we invest in our students’ quality education and prepare them to be the safest and best drivers for whichever company they choose. We introduce our students to recruiters in person and to trucking company websites in the classroom. Most students know where they are going to work before they graduate.

Our goal at Peak Technical Institute is to provide excellent driver education and to pair our students with reputable and successful trucking companies. Peak’s class size is limited to four students for each instructor, so our students get twice the drive time of other schools as well as the finest instructors in the industry. Peak Technical Institute is authorized by Tennessee’s Higher Education Commission, and we are recognized by many carriers as the only place they refer local students.

Choose wisely. Choose Peak for your future and the future of your family.

Drive a Truck. Drive your Life. 855-399-7325 (PEAK)